Maple Syrup Gallon – Free Shipping


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Organic Maple Syrup – Gallon
We are happy to offer free shipping on gallons of our organic maple syrup delivered to any location within the continental U.S. If you are a heavy user of maple syrup, or want to be one, this is the deal for you.
Syrup can be preserved and stay fresh for a long time in the freezer. If you don’t intend to use your whole gallon at once, you can put it in the freezer and decant as necessary. You can also divide the gallon into four quart mason jars for long term storage.

What happened to grade B?
Under the new international grading system adopted by Vermont this year, there is no longer any syrup graded as “B”. For the full flavor that you crave, without inferior implications, choose the “Dark Robust” grade.

*Offer only valid for sales to the US*

Any questions, send us an email.